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The effect of organochlorine pesticide content in placenta on the course of pregnancy and childbirth


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There are presented results of the examination of 246 female placenta for the content of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and the results of examination of 246 newborns (including stillborn cases) with clinical and laboratory manifestations of the disease during the first six days. Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were detected in 39.2% of placenta samples, the concentration ranged from the traces to 2.27 mg/kg. OCPs were found in clinical samples collected from all women residing near the former pesticide storehouses, agro-air strips and pesticide burial sites. The higher the concentration of OCPs in placenta, the higher the number of the recorded pathologies in pregnant and parturient women was revealed. There was established a correlation between the detection of OCPs in placenta and gynecological and post-parturient complications. Women residing near the former pesticide storehouses, agroair strips and pesticide burial sites were recommended to be included in a risk group. In case of detection of OCPs in placenta, preventive treatment should be performed in parturient women and their babies before the onset of clinical manifestations

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