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Relationship between the prevalence of chronic noninfectious diseases and electrophysical state of the environment


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In the paper there is evaluated the relationship of features of electronic state of the environment with a level of chronic, noninfectious diseases (CNID) in the regions of Russia, obtained on the basis of the monitoring measurements of the intensity of natural background electronic Bose condensate (BEBC) of natural ecosystems in a number of Russian regions and seas of the Arctic Ocean. The assessment of BEBC was implemented on results of measurements of redox state of distilled water being in the contact with natural water. The equilibrium redox state of distilled water, determined by the influx of electrons (quantum reduction) outside, is proportional to the intensity of BEBC. The obtained data attest to an increase in the intensity of the background of EBC in Siberia regions and, especially, within the limits of waters of Lake Baikal (the redox potential of the surface water in the lake ~ -70mV).Also there is observed a strong dependence of the background EBC in the latitudinal direction. Low levels of background EBC were noted in the Arkhangelsk region and the north-eastern Chukotka. Functioning of international systems of plasma sounding of ionosphere (such systems as HAARP) were established to have a detrimental effect on the background EBC in these regions. According to the results of measurements of the relative values of intensities of natural background of Bose condensate of electrons there was constructed the dependence reflecting the relationship of the prevalence of noninfectious diseases in the regions of Russia with the redox state of distilled water, which can be characterized as a significant (regression coefficient R2 = 0,78). The relationship between noninfectious diseases (NID, %) with the intensity of the background of EBC (Ib, rel. units.) is estimated by the equation: NID [%] = 0,24Eh [mV] - 25, where Eh ~ 1/Ib. Numerical evaluations show that an increase in the biosphere redox potential of water by 90mV leads to an increase of the primary incidence by 20% (relatively to the average values for Russia). Analysis of results attests to the relationship of CNID with the electrophysical state of the environment that allows from different positions to arrive to true causes of their emergence, associated with changes in the electrophysical conditions of habitation and human activities that lead to the nascency of cellular metabolic disturbances.

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