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State of nonallergic hypersensitivity under the exposure to adverse environmental factors


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Now a number of allergopatologies is shown to be formed as non-allergic hypersensitivity. Research of this state is especially important when studying a question offormation of a condition of a chemical sensitization in response to the contact of a human body with chemical pollutants. For diagnostics of reactions of non-allergic hypersensitivity the test was developedfor an assessment of activation of basophiles by specific allergens (the test of activation of basophiles by method of a flowing cytometry Flow Cast® (BD FACSCalibur)). It is possible to judge by activation on an expression of some receptors on a surface of these cages (CD63). Examination of a group ofpersons, having continuous contact with means of household chemicals was performed. In 54,5% of the examined persons the percent of CD63-of nonspecific activated cages was revealed to be at the level of 16-65% that gives the grounds to assume existence of a condition of not allergic hypersensitivity. Thus, the test of activation of basophiles by method of a flowing cytometry can be used for a differentiation of an IgE-dependent allergy from a condition of non-allergic hypersensitivity.

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