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Hygienic evaluation of territories of Fergana Valley recreational areas


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The article is devoted to hygienic monitoring of recreational areas of Fergana Valley. The aim is a hygienic evaluation of the Fergana Valley’s (FV) mountain green areas on the basis of studies of heavy metals content in soil and indices of the anthropogenic load. The main contribution to the overall rate of chemical contamination of soils of the study areas was made by As, Zn, Cu and Ni, the average values of which exceed their respective PACphytoaccumulation by 1.5-12 times. Out of studied 10 regions the one was classified as most permissible with the total allowable ratio of pollution in 13 relative units, the one - as dangerous (33 rel. units.) and eight regions were considered as moderately hazardous (18,2-27,2 rel. units). According to the degree of anthropogenic load seven studied FV areas were oppressed and three territories were classified as relatively prosperous.

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