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Prevention of alimentary-dependent pathology in adolescents on the basis of health related quality of life


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With the aim of the substantiation of hygienic measures for the improvement of the prevention of nutrition-related diseases among adolescents there was performed an analysis of indices of the health-related quality of life, lifestyle features, the character of nutrition and health of adolescents aged of 13-17 years in the territory of the Omsk region (n = 427). The study of the health-related quality of life was performed with the use of the validated Russian-language version of the general questionnaire PedsQL-4.0. According to the results of the study there were identified the priority factors influencing the formation of the quality of life of adolescents. The nutrition of adolescents has a significant influence on the formation of quality of life. Among the many parameters that characterize the nutrition, the greatest contribution to the quality of life is made by the factor of "the amount of consumed meat products". The decline in quality of life was noted in adolescents with chronic diseases or disorders of the nutritional status as overweight. There were marked forward-looking possibilities ofprevention of nutrition-related diseases on the base of indices of the quality of life, including measures for correction of adolescent nutrition, in-time detection of disturbances of the nutritional status, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

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