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Genetic evaluation of control variants of strains Salmonella Typhimurium, used in the test Salmonella/microsome (Ames test)


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There were analyzed data of controls with solvents (DMSO and distilled water) of experiments performed in the laboratory of genetic monitoring in 2004-2014 on Salmonella typhimurium TA 100, TA 98 and TA 97 strains in the versions without and in the presence of metabolic activation. For all strains there was no revealed effect of the either solvent or system of metabolic activation on the average number of colonies of revertants in control. Generalized parameters (historical control) of the average number of colonies of revertants per plate: TA 100 - number of experiments - 317, average - 118; 95% intervals of 71-165; TA 98 - number of experiments - 389, mean - 22; 95% intervals 9-36; TA 97 - the number of experiments - 217, average - 142; 95% intervals of 94-191.

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