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Compensatory capacities of the child’s body in the conditions of aerotechnogenic loading


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The purpose of the investigation was in the study of the influence of aerotechnogenic load on children and adolescents as a cause of the occurrence of diseases and exacerbation of the course of the chronic disease. There was performed an analysis of the daily air pollution by nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, soot, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, phenol, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and appealability for medical aid of children and young people residing in the area with the high level of aerotechnogenic load. In the course of the work the correlation analysis was used in three ways: when the date of appealability for medical care coincided with daily indices of the level of air pollution; with delayed of 1 day (shift of data was carried out for 1 day); with delayed of 2 days (shift of data was carried out for 2 days). The number of examined children’s population under the age of 14 years and adolescents up to 17 years accountedfor 7303 children, the study period was 1 year. In the course of the work there was established a causal relationship between the level of air pollution and the appealability of the children for the medical care: the pair correlation coefficients for certain classes of diseases amounted from 0.16 to 0.82. It is revealed that the highest number of requests for medical assistance was established to be accounted for the date following the date after exposure to elevated concentrations of pollutants in ambient air. Therefore, the aerotechnogenic load, to which the human body is exposed to throughout life, from childhood, can be considered as a stress factor that reduces the compensatory capacities.

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