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Socio-epidemiological assessment of the situation on viral hepatitis B in the Voronezh region


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In the present paper there is presented an analysis of the incidence of viral hepatitis B (HBV) in the territory of the Voronezh region in the dynamics and the effectiveness of the implementation of the specific prevention over the past fifteen years. During this period of time, there is observed a stable tendency to the decrease in the incidence of chronic forms from 100,2 per 100 thousand population in 2000 to 21,7 per 100 thousand population in 2014. When ranking the Voronezh region on the prevalence of HBV there were identified eight most affected districts, including the city of Voronezh. There was noted a distinct regularity for the reduction of the incidence of HBV in dependence on the inoculation rate.

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