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Methodical support of social-hygienic and medical-biological monitoring of potentially hazardous highly toxic acrylonitrile in atmospheric, expired air and blood

DOI: 10.18821/0016-9900-2016-95-1-122-128

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There are presented results of experimental studies on the development of the set of gas chromatographic methods for the determination of acrylonitrile in the atmospheric and expired air based on the sorption of the investigated compound to the Tenax TA sorbent, in combination with optimal conditions of the sample preparation, thermal desorption and the application of capillary gas chromatography. The method allows to implement the determination of acrylonitrile in the samples of air at the level of0,0003 pg in the analyzed volume of sample, with extraction degree of 96,7%. The determination of acrylonitrile in the expired air is possible at the level of0,0002 pg at the volume of air of 1000 cm3, with extraction degree 97,7% selectively, credibly and with high sensitivity, according to the tasks of social and hygienic monitoring. The developed method for the determination of acrylonitrile in blood is based on the extraction of investigated compound from the biological material at pH=2-3 with the use of the equilibrium vapor phase analysis. In combination with optimal conditions fir the sample preparation and the use of capillary gas chromatography, the methods allow to determine acrylonitrile in blood samples at the level of 0,006 mg/dm, with extraction degree of 96,9% and maximum error of 25%.

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