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Buccal micronucleus cytome assay in complex genetic-hygienic study of preschool children


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There are presented results of the cytome analysis of epithelium of buccal mucosa in 167 children aged of 5-7 years, permanently residing in the city of Magnitogorsk and visiting municipal kindergartens. Frequencies of the main indices of genotoxic and toxic effects were: cells with micronuclei - 0.29±0.04 %, with protrusions ofnuclei - 1.47±0.17 %, with double nuclei -1.96±0.13 %, with two nuclei - 3,28±0,16 %, with perinuclear vacuole - 9.66±0.86 %, with pycnosis of nucleus - 4.60±0.31 per 1000 cells, with karyorrhexis - 0.86±0.15per 1000 cells, with lysis of nucleus - 54.34±3.90 per 1000 cells, the condensed chromatin cells - 10.59±1.35 per 1000 cells. Most of these indices didn’t differ from the same detected earlier in buccal epithelial cells from children of the same age in Moscow, except cells with perinuclear vacuole, which frequency in Moscow cohort was twice higher. Frequencies of cells with these anomalies were associated with the content of 19 out of 326 revealed components of contamination of the total-winter snow samples, taken on the territories of the kindergartens, which were visited by examined children. There was shown lack of differences from basic values of main indices previously establishedfor the children of the same age in Moscow, with the exception of cells with perinuclear vacuole, the rate of which in Moscow was twice higher. There were revealed confounding factors associated with test indices: gender of the child, the annual number of acute respiratory diseases, health group, income per one person in family, alcohol intake by parents.

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