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Quantitative spatio-temporal assessment of pollutants in atmospheric air in the combustion of the fuel of road transport


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In the paper there are presented results of the study of the number of compounds of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) emitted into the environment with exhaust gases of road transport. In the composition of the exhaust gases 11000 tons of heavy metal compounds and 49.8 tons of highly toxic of PAHs in the soil were established to annually be emitted into the ambient air of St. Petersburg. There was justified the application of the method of the emission inventory of pollutants into the atmosphere from the combustion of the fuel of vehicles. There was established the quantity of PAH and metals emitted to the environment in dependence on the intensity of the traffic flow. The implementation of results of the study will allow to improve the quality of the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in the territories of the cities with the developed road transport industry.

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