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Model of the assessment of the risk of conditions of the work with the use of pesticides: results and development


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There is implemented the development of the model of assessment of the risk from working conditions/ This model allows to solve the problem of the safe use of pesticides in agricultural production of the Russian Federation. The importance of the parallel assessment of the risk for the specific factor of the external exposure to operators (SF ex.) and absorbed dose (SF int.) is presented. Studies of more than 500 pesticides have shown the following correlation of the SF ex. and SF int.: in 8.3-37.5% cases SF ex. and SF int. were practically equal, in 44.8-85.7% cases SF ex. was higher up to by 10 times and in 8.3-26.3% cases SF int. is higher up to by 30 times. Introduction of the new evaluation criterion SF int. increases reliability of the risk assessment.

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