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Toxicological-hygienic justification of the acceptable daily intake of acetamiprid


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Neonicotinoids are currently meaningful component of rotation schemes of insecticides of selective action in the system of integrated pest control, which have agricultural importance in many countries. The research results of the biological impact of acetamiprid (neonicotinoids) on the body of laboratory animals are given in the article. The study showed that the explored active substance is related to the moderately hazardous compounds (hazard category 3) in case of one-time per oral penetration. Acetamiprid has polytropic action in the case of chronic (12 months) oral entering the body of laboratory animals, it gives rise changes in functionality of the central nervous system, blood system, liver functioning. On the base of alterations of the studied indices there were established both the no-effect dose level (NOEL) and acceptable daily intake of acetamiprid for humans.

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