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Hygienic assessment of working conditions and health of the workers of mining and processing enterprises


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In the article there are presented results of studies on the hygienic assessment of working conditions and health status of 1200 workers of mining and processing enterprises (MPE) developing deposits of iron ores of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly: Lebedinskiy MPE, Mikhaylovskiy MPE, Stoylenskiy MPE. There were revealed the differences in the character and intensity of adverse occupational factors, there was made the quantitation of the occupational risk level to the health workers of MPE both factories and quarries. The structure of occupational diseases in MPE factories is formed by dust lung diseases and the occupational pathology of the organ of hearing. In the structure of professional pathology in quarries workers vibration disease (61.5%) prevails. The obtained results indicate to the need of the development of the system of measures for the reduction in general and occupational morbidity rate of workers, the creation of safe working conditions, improving the early diagnosis of occupational and common diseases at the stage of preliminary and periodic medical examinations.

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