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Hygienic substantiation of application of functional dairy products in the prevention of macro- and micronutrient deficiency


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Based on the study of actual nutrition and availability of macroelements there was found that adult population of the city of Omsk was established to refer to the group at risk for the development of micronutrient deficiency associated with low content of a set of essential elements (copper, zinc, calcium, selenium) in the ration, being prior for correction.There was executed the hygienic substantiation developed the fermented acid milk bioproduct of a functional purpose "Bifidin" enriched with micronutrients, prior for the population of the Omsk region. Introduction of this bio-product into the ration allows to effectively correct disorders of the mineral status, that was manifested in a decline in the proportion of patients with insufficiency of calcium (from 37.9 to 24.1%; p = 0.013), copper (from 51.7 to 25.9%; p = 0.004), selenium (from 96.6 to 84.5%; p = 0.026), zinc (from 58.6 to 48.3% of the subjects; p = 0.264). Upon the completion of the prophylactic course (intake "Bifidin" of 200 ml for 60 days), there was noted the gain in the concentration in hair: calcium (by 24.4%; p=0.441), zinc (by 8.0%; p=0.0008), copper (by 8.8%; p < 0.001), selenium (by 41.5%; p < 0.001). There was established the efficacy of the use of bio-product "Bifidin" enriched with micronutrients for the improvement of the structure of nutrition and element status of the adult population of the city of Omsk. There was justified the extensive use of dairy products enriched with micronutrients both for the reduction of the prevalence of microelementoses and the improvement of the nutritional status.

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