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Microbiological monitoring of opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae of the Lena river


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The aim is the study of the circulation, biological activity, persistent potential and genotypic characteristics of opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae of microbial community of the Lena River which is the one of the largest sources of water in Russia and Siberia. Gram-negative component of microbial community in the Lena River was mainly represented by Enterobacteriaceae (80%), including dominated Escherichia (dominant class) and Enterobacter and Klebsiella (subdominant class). In conditions of anthropogenic pollution there is a reorganization of microbial community of the Lena River in the direction of the increase in the proportion of opportunistic pathogens, their species diversity; there is a change of the biological activity of microorganisms, gains of share of strains characterized by antilysozyme activity, hemolytic activity, production DNase, phosphatase. The parameters of system “lysozyme-antilysozyme” are changing, the frequency of the occurrence of bacteria with antilysozyme activity is increasing. This shows the restructurization of the microbial community of water objects. Microorganisms of water objects in territories of anthropogenic pollution are characterized by multiple antibiotic resistance. The proportion of gram-negative opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae in microbial communities of water ecosystems determines the potential danger of water objects and the impact on the level of antibiotic resistance of bacteria. Opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae of microbial community of the Lena River near the city of Yakutsk are characterized by the presence of genetic determinants of pathogenicity (hlyA and sfaG). This is indicative of their potential epidemiological relevance. Microorganisms with high biological activity are markers of their epidemiological danger.

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