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Assessment of carcinogenic risks to workers of the main enterprises of the Irkutsk region


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The purpose of research is the assessment of the individual cancer risk (ICR) for workers of the basic occupations in key branches of industry of the Irkutsk region. There was executed the calculation of ICR levels for workers of the basic occupations of the aircraft industry, aluminum smelters and vinyl chloride production plants. The estimation of the exposure for workers was carried out according to long-term time-weighted average concentrations in the air of the working area, for the population - on annual average concentrations in the ambient air. To assess the risk that is not associated with the profession, the dose was calculated for the period of life (70 years). When calculating the toxicant doses in the working area there were used the “standard” indices ofpulmonary ventilation for adults, body weight, the work experience in the contact with carcinogens of 30 years, the number of days in the contact of 240, the duration of the working time 8 or 12 hours (in accordance with the working hours) duration. ICR for the Irkutsk population amounted of 3.08E-04, in Shelekhov - 4.8E-05, Sayansk - 1.1E-05. The amount of risk depends on the content offormaldehyde in all territories and chromium VI in cities of Irkutsk and Shelekhov. ICR for workers of basic occupations of studied plants in dozens of times are higher than for the urban population. Priority carcinogens are: chromium VI, nickel, formaldehyde, silicon dioxide -for the aircraft plant employees; 1,2-dichloretan, vinyl chloride - for the workers of vinyl chloride production plant; benzopyrene - for the aluminum smelter workers.

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