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Vol 95, № 2 (2016)


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Integrated approach to risk assessment of potential surface radioactive waste storage PDF
Korenkov I.P., Lashchenova Tatyana N., Shandala N.K., Romanov V.V. 133-139
Cytogenetic status of indigenous and alien population residing near the oil and gas industrial facilities in Nyda village of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug PDF
Shinkaruk Elena V., Agbalyan E.V., Sycheva L.P. 140-144
Multiyear variability of ecological-hygienic condition of the land: metals in soils of surroundings of the Astrakhan gas complex PDF
Bogdanov Nikolay A. 144-149
Influence of modern sound environment on the functional state of the human body PDF
Dmitriev D.A., Indeykina Olga S., Dmitriev A.D. 150-153
Monitoring for premises contamination by viruses causing common infections in human PDF
Esper Suzan A., Grebennikova T.V., Isaguliants M.G., Hodorovich A.M., Syroeshkin A.V. 153-157
Analysis of parasitological situation in nenets autonomous district PDF
Bobyreva N.S., Korneeva Yana A., Degteva G.N. 157-162


Electromagnetic induction and fluorescent lights as a risk factor of low ceilings transport facilities PDF
Deynego V.N., Kaptsov Valeriy A. 163-165
Antioxidants level assessment in the diet of workers contacting with heavy metals at industrial enterprise PDF
Mazhaeva T.V., Dubenko Svetlana E., Chirkova I.A. 165-167
Influence of Astrakhan gas processing plant on the air pollution by harmful chemical substances of industrial premises and the territory PDF
Boyko O.V., Akhmineeva A.Kh., Boyko Vitaliy I., Gudinskaya N.I. 167-171


Informational hygiene as a new topical branch of hygiene of children and adolescents PDF
Bolshakov A.M., Krut’ko Vyacheslav N., Kutepov E.N., Mamikonova O.A., Potemkina N.S., Rozenblit S.I., Chankov S.V. 172-177
State of the autonomic nervous system and metabolic indices of the immune system cells of primary school children under and without educational informational loads in terms of neuroimmune interactions PDF
Fefelova V.V., Ovcharenko Elizabeth S., Kholomeeva A.Yu., Ignatova I.A., Lunev E.Yu. 177-181
The role of biological and socio-hygienic factors on the mechanism of the change of somatometric and hemodynamic indices of students PDF
Galstyan Hasmik G., Minasyan S.M. 181-184
Hygienic assessment of day mode and mental performance in children attending establishments of additional education PDF
Gritsina Olga P., Trankovskaya L.V., Nagirnaya L.N. 185-189
Pregnancy complications in women living in cotton-growing area PDF
Niyazova V.A., Begmatova D.Sh., Toichuev Rakhmanbek M. 189-192


About the need to improve the requirements to labeling of food products in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union PDF
Baturin A.K., Arnautov O.V., Bagryantseva Olga V., Khotimchenko S.A., Shatrov G.N. 192-198
The impact of the nutritional supplement “ERAMIN” on the heavy metal content in meat and offals PDF
Poznyakovskiy V.M., Tikhonov Sergey L., Tikhonova N.V. 199-202
The main tendencies nutrition of children in preschool institutions for the last 30 years in the Russian Federation (literature review) PDF
Tapeshkina Nataliya V., Popkova L.V. 202-206
Determination of silver in tissues and organs of broiler chickens after oral and aerosol administration of an aqueous dispersion of silver nanoparticles PDF
Krutyakov Yuriy A., Koptev V.Yu., Kudrinsky A.A., Klimov A.I., Titova M.A., Balybina N.Yu., Lisichkin G.V. 207-211
The comparative analysis of body weight of women in various age groups with different physical activity level PDF
Rakhmanov Rofail' S., Evdokimov A.V., Gadzhiibragimov D.A. 212-215


Methodical aspects of gas chromatography method for methyl tertiary butyl ether detection in blood with the use of chromatography-mass spectrometry PDF
Zaitseva N.V., Ulanova T.S., Nurislamova Tatyana V., Maltseva O.A. 215-218
Application of methodology for the assessment of risk for public health from harmful environmental factors in the practice activity of the Office of Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the city of Moscow PDF
Andreeva E.E., Ivanenko A.V., Siliverstov Vladimir A., Sudakova E.V. 219-222


For the 80 th anniversary of Shafran L.M PDF

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