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Monitoring for premises contamination by viruses causing common infections in human


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We have applied polymerase chain reaction and nested polymerase chain reaction to investigate the level of contamination of the surfaces in the work surface environment of a daily stationary (policlinics), laboratory of research institute and classrooms by influenza, adeno- and rotaviruses. Auditoriums were also assessed for the presence of influenza virus in the air probes. Influenza virus RNA was detected as well in two probes collected in the department of infectious diseases of the hospital (on the water tap handle and on the handle of liquid soap dispenser), as in several probes collected both in laboratories and auditoriums. RNA of Influenza A was also detected in the aerosols of the air probes. RNA of rotavirus and adenoviral DNA were no detected in any of the samples. The results are discussed in the context ofpossible routes of spread of common viral pathogens in the indoor work environment.

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