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Analysis of parasitological situation in nenets autonomous district


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In the article there is presented an analysis of the own parasitological studies, as well as indices of the prevalence of parasitic diseases according to the official statistical reports of medical institutions, Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the Nenets Autonomous District (NAD) over the periodfrom 2002 to 2013. The survey on parasitoses was performed in the indigenous population - the Nenets reindeer herders and their families, as well as in the alien population residing in the territory of the NAD settlements: Varnek, Krasnoe, Karatayka, Nes, Haruta, Norey-Ver, Iskateley, village Oma, and city of Naryan-Mar. During this period, by means of the method of the native smear there were surveyed 5891 cases, method of Kato - 217,417 persons, by perianal scraping - 3054 persons, by ELISA for the presence of specific antibodies to the antigens of various parasites - 11556 cases. The statistical analysis was performed with the use of Statistical Software Package - Excel 2010. There were revealed both downward trends in the prevalence of the county's population for giardiasis, enterobiasis, diphyllobothriasis and the gain in indices of prevalence of ascariasis in the population of the District, also there were detected and found new types ofparasitoses for county - opisthorchiasis, toxocariasis in all age groups of the population of NAD.

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