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Methodical aspects of gas chromatography method for methyl tertiary butyl ether detection in blood with the use of chromatography-mass spectrometry


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The article describes the methodical ways used in the development and application of methods for methyl tertiary butyl ether detection in blood. The methods are applied in practical instrumental researches, in bio-monitoring studies as well as in public health risk assessment. The results of the experimental researches on gas chromatography (GC) method development for methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) detection in blood by the headspace analysis method with the use of capillary GC have been presented. The optimal parameters of GC detection of MTBE in blood have been validated and the high sensitivity of MTBE detection in amount of 0.0059 μg/cm with the inaccuracy not more than 23% has been achieved. While performing the mass-spectrometric identification of MTBE in blood sample the overlap of several individual peaks of adhesions-isomers having identical holding periods was determined to take place. To eliminate this, the use of two sequential capillary columns is recommended in the basic method.

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