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Identification of occupational risk for arterial hypertension. 1: elimination of the modifyng influence of factors of cardiovascular risk


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On results of research in 13 occupational groups (3842 workers, men) there were performed an analysis of a contribution of non-occupational factors of cardiovascular risk (FCVRs) and the elimination of their modifying influence on risks for the development of the arterial hypertension (AH). In the capacity of non-occupational FCVRs there were considered 16 predictors of AH. There were calculated the relative risk of AH and 95% the confidential interval (CI) in occupational groups on benchmark data of the prevalence rate of AH and after the elimination of the modifying influence of FCVRs. Reference group was the general sample, that is, all the occupations. Modifying influence of FCVR was eliminated by means of direct standardization. With the aid of trees of classification from the number of FCVRs in occupational groups the presence of obesity and age of the worker (respectively, 100 and 78 conditional points) was shown to have the maximum impact on the development of AH. Elimination of the influence of data of FCVRs led to the change of benchmark values of occupational risks of AH in the average for 10%, in four occupations level of the statistical importance of risks of AH changed. In top-managers, and also in operating personnel and technical workers the risk for AH from the high decreased to not significant, respectively to 1,00 at 95%, CI: 0,74-1,36 and 1,20 at 95%, CI: 0,97-1,49. On the contrary, the risk for AH increased from low to statistically not significant in underground equipment operators (0,85 at 95%, CI: 0,71-1,01) and labourers (0,89 at 95%, CI:0,69-1,14).

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