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Gender variability of morphofunctional indices in adolescents of mountain Altai


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Gender differences in the functioning of the organism of teenagers in extreme climatic conditions of the environment are not been well understood. We estimated the variability of morphofunctional indices in adolescents aged of 11-16 years residing in lowlands and midlands of Mountain Altai in dependence on area of residence, age, and gender. The variability of morphological and functional indices of male and female body in a critical period of ontogenesis was found to be dependent in varying degrees on the climatic conditions of the Mountainous Altai. Revealed significant differences in morphofunctional indices depending on the area in boys are more significant than in girls. In male adolescents, residing in middleland unlike peers of lowland there was noted functional exertion of the cardiovascular system, as well as delay in physical and sexual development. It testifies about the gender variability of adaptation of an organism depending on factors of environment and higher sensitivity of a male organism during the period of puberty to external negative influences.

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