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Sanitation and hygiene school schools in Tobolsk province in the end of XIX century


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In the article there is considered the history of the development of sanitary and hygienic standards in school institutions of Tobolsk province in the late XIX century. In comparative terms there is characterized the presented in that period the legal framework regulating of abidance by hygienic and sanitary standards in educational institutions. There was executed an careful analysis of hygienic conditions on the example of the Tobolsk male gymnasium with a comparison of similar conditions in another Siberian educational/childcare institution - the Yenisei female progymnasium. The main sources in the study were reports of educators: I. Gursky - about hygienic living conditions of the inmates of the Tobolsk gymnasium and P.M. Golovachev - about sanitary conditions in the Yenisei female gymnasium. Contemporaries paid a great attention to such health and safety standards as heating, ventilation, lighting, capacity of classrooms and boarding facilities, the violation of which led to a deterioration in the health of students and the growth of the epidemics in mention educational institutions

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