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Rank Indices Method and its use for the comparative analysis of population health data


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There is presented a calculation method aimed to elevate the informative value of the integral indices of the social and hygienic monitoring for purposes of comparative analysis. The method of rank indices is based on the ranking of monitoring objects on the values ofprimary indices on the base of which there are calculated the integral such indices as, for example, life expectancy. There are presented results of the use of this method for the comparative analysis of mortality rate in WHO Member States for the period of 1990-2011. There were revealed special features of mortality trends which cannot be detected when using only mortality rates or the life expectancy. In particular, for Russia there was shown that, in spite of the downward trend in child and adolescent mortality rate observed in the last decade, the country's world rankings for these indices fail to achieve the level of 1990. This means that the competitiveness of the country, sharply declined in the 90's, was not restored until now. There are described some features of the use of the method of rank indices for the analysis of indices of the environment state, public health and its socio-economic determinants.

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