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Shaping a healthy lifestyle as necessary condition for prevention of disorders and diseases of visual organ in younger schoolchildren


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Purpose. Study of the lifestyle and identification of behavioral risk factors negatively affecting on the state of the visual organ in primary school children. Patients and methods. There was performed a questionnaire survey of parents of 384 younger schoolchildren in Moscow. Questionnaire specially designed by authors included questions relating to lifestyle and behavioral risk factors that affect vision. Results. More than 46% of the younger schoolchildren in the mode of the day have no daily walks in the fresh air, including during daylight hours in 51.6%; time daily needed for this age on air is spent by only 32.8% of schoolchildren. Among younger schoolchildren every day 57.2%, 44.8% and 39.5% spend longer time than needed for homework, TV and computer correspondingly; all the time only 9.4% keepproperfit at their desk, 15.6% at the computer, 20.8% - when watch television; 40.6% do not constantly comply with the requirements for proper illumination while watching TV; 45.8% sometimes read in lyingposition , 9.9% - in transport. Conclusion. Identified in junior schoolchildren of the city of Moscow a high prevalence of behavioral risk factors that negatively affect their visual organ and health in general, requires the elimination of these factors by means of hygienic education and shaping a healthy lifestyle in schoolchildren since 1st grade.

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