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Sedative effect of lavender during physical loads


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There was investigated the dynamics of the functional state of the cardiovascular system of students after bicycle exercise load, followed by cold inhalation of lavender oil. Examinations were performed in the first half of the day at the same time, three times: 1) before exercise load (the state ofphysiological norm); 2) immediately after the load for 15minutes on the bike training apparatus «Proteus Pec 3320» in the third position, followed by aromatherapy; 3) at the 15 minute of the post-exercise load recovery period. Aromacorrection was executed by the method of cold inhalation. Registration and analysis of ECG by variation pulsometry was implemented by hardware-software complex, which combined the portable electrocardiograph of brand “Bio-Arm 001”, a personal computer and software for automatic recording and analysis of ECG with the method of variation pulsometry according to parameters of the cardiac rhythm. In the absence of correction factors (control group) the work on a stationary bike was established to be accompanied by significant deviations of all investigated parameters of the heart rhythm, the majority of which persisted at the 15 minute of the post-exercise load period also. Inhalation with the essential lavender oil (control group) under the bicycle load has a sedative effect on the activity of regulatory mechanisms of heart rhythm students. Releasing of the increased sympathetic influence on heart rate, initiated by the physical activity, it facilitates the rapid recovery of the functional state of the body in the post-exercise load period, thereby promoting its tolerance to effects of stress factors.

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