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Influence of β - carotene on the spermatogenic epithelium and output dominant lethal muthations in rats under the exposure to hexavalent chromium


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In adult rats exposed to hexavalent chromium (intraperitoneal injection of 0.028; 0.28 and 2.8 mg KCrO(kg bw/ day) during 48 days there is observed the decrease in the intensity of index of spermatogenesis, increase ofspermatids with micronuclei, intensifying of processes peroxidation of lipids in testis, resulted in the increase in the number of the abnormal spermatozoa and of percent of a fetal death. Simultaneous supplementation of β-carotene in Cr (VI) exposed rats showed the increase of intensity index of spermatogenesis. Morphology of a sperm, intensity of processes peroxidation of lipids in testis and of number of viable embryos was restored.

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