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Monitoring of public health in the Kashagan oil and gas field


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According to explored hydrocarbon reserves the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) is among ten top countries rich in oil deposits. In connection with the intensive development of oil and gas industry environmental protection and public health issues became subject of a great interest from both scientists ’ and health practitioners ’ side. Results of the study included in this article are devoted to the study of health of the population, living near the “Bolashak” installation of complex preparation of oil and gas. There is a preliminary oil refining process coming from the Kashagan field and its further export. Analysis proved air pollution to be the one of the major risk factors for the health of the residing people. In the area there are problems of fresh water supply and frequent accidents at sewage plants. Landfills for municipal solid waste does not meet sanitary standards. The health care system of Makat district is characterized by uncompleted personnel and lack of beds. Indices of the mortality rate over the study period declined by 28.8%. As a result, population growth over the study the period was characterized by a tendency to increase. In 2013 population sought medical advice due to respiratory diseases, injuries and poisoning, diseases of blood and hemopoietic organs, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and nervous system

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