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Monitoring of health of young students of northern territories residing in conditions of ecological trouble


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In recent years, in sanitary science the interest in issues of young people has dramatically increased, that has been actualized by the necessity of a new objective assessment of the role of the youth in modern sanitary-ecological, sociocultural and economic processes. In this regard, a special interest is aroused by young students, the health of whom is determined largely by the condition of the habitat. So far complex assessment ofriskfactors in urbanized areas, prioritization of impacts, the establishment ofpriority impacts, the detection of informative territorial environmentally dependent indices ofpopulation health are presented to be important tasks in the solution of the regional challenges. The aim of this work was the assessment of the state of health of students of the Bratsk State University, residing in conditions of ecological trouble. In the territory of the city of Bratsk the environmental situation is characterized by long term multi-component air pollution with highly toxic vehicular and industrial emissions. In the work throughout the 4 years following-up there was executed an assessment of the physical development of students, there was determined structure and revealed the an increased level of morbidity rate of students of Bratsk state University in terms of educational space, which is characteristic for territories of ecological trouble in the city of Bratsk. Parameters of physical development of students in dynamics of training were established to be not liable to variation. It confirms the stability of the morphological signs as compared to functional ones. In the analysis of dynamics of indices of the harmonicity ofphysical development there was revealed a gain in the proportion of harmoniously developed students by the end of training. Physiometric indices of students to the fourth course of training were characterized by the increase offunctional capabilities of the respiratory system.The indices of the cardiovascular system performance had a tendency to the growth of the hypertensive response in boys and the increase in the number of people with normotensive response to physical stress by the end of training. To the IV course of training there was observed the increase in the number of young boys with stringency of mechanisms of adaptation to stress, whereas in young girls satisfactory adaptation was seen.

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