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Actual problems of the microbiological safety of food products


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Food-borne infectious diseases remain an actual problem of health care. In the Republic of Belarus the level of food-borne diseases persists to be stable, at the same time these diseases remain to be significant. Despite the insignificant number of nonconforming food samples the prevalence rates of food-borne acute infectious diseases of various etiology with dominantly food transmission pathway remain to be rather high. The mentioned fact determines the need for the development of approaches on the security of microbiological food safety based on the risk analysis. There are determined criteria for a hygienic assessment of the microbiological hazards (associated with the pathogen, food products and a consumer health state), there is presented the classification offood products in dependence on the grade of microbiological risk. There was performed the comparative analysis of requirements for the microbiological safety of food accepted in the Republic of Belarus and European Economic Union, in the European Union and at the international level, which testify to the presence of separate differences. Based on the international approaches there was substantiated the multilevel control system of management of microbiological risks, there is reported the characteristic of separate criteria. There are determined the directions of the improvement of the security of microbiological safety of food.

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