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The study of neurotoxicity of toluene in conditions of experimental modeling of prenatal hypoxic damage of the brain


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There was executed the study of the impact of toluene on indices of behavior, cognitive capabilities and bioelectric activity of the brain in white rats with normal course of the period of antenatal development and against background ofprenatal hemic hypoxia Prenatal hypoxia was modeled in pregnant female rats by subcutaneous injection of sodium nitrite in a dose of 50 mg/kg at from the 10 to the 19 day of gestation. At the age of 3 months the males from the obtained offspring were exposed to inhalation exposure of toluene (150 ppm, 4 weeks). After exposure to toluene in animals there was evaluated the pattern of individual behavior, indices of cognitive capabilities and also bioelectric activity of the brain. There were revealed such common consistencies of transformations in the behavior of exposed to toluene animals with normal and impaired embryogenesis as disturbed motor activity, reduction of exploratory behavior and cognitive functions, impaired bioelectric potentials of the brain. Features of changes in behavior and EEG indices in toluene-exposed rats with prenatal hypoxia are characterized by inhibition of motor activity, increased anxiety and latency of main peaks of auditory and visual evoked potentials. Prenatal hypoxic damage of the central nervous system was shown to be an aggravating factor in toluene intoxication in rats.

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