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Vol 96, № 1 (2017)


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On the scientific and methodological support of the assessment of the performance and effectiveness of the control and supervision activity of the Federal Service For Surveillance On Consumer Rights Protection And Human Wellbeing PDF
Popova A.Yu., Bragina I.V., Zaitseva N.V., May Irina V., Shur P.Z., Mitrokhin O.V., Goryaev D.V. 5-9


Conceptual assignment and experience of the task solution for optimization of supervisory activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population PDF
Zaitseva N.V., Kiryanov Dmitry A., May I.V., Shur P.Z., Tsinker M.Yu. 10-15
The assessment of environmental quality and risks for thepopulation of the city of Zakamensk - territory of long-term storage of waste of dzhidinsky tungsten-molybdenum combine PDF
Vekovshinina Svetlana A., Kleyn S.V., Khankhareev S.S., Makarova L.V., Madeeva E.V., Boloshinova A.A. 15-20
On the update of the sanitary classification of objects of oil production, preparation and primary oil refining (from the experience of designing of sanitary protective areas) PDF
Kokoulina Anastasiya A., Koshurnikov D.N., Balashov S.Yu., Zagorodnov S.Yu. 20-26
Features of fixing the genetic polymorphism in dyads “mother-child” in the conditions of aerogenous exposure to metals PDF
Dolgikh Oleg V., Krivtsov A.V., Bubnova O.A., Otavina E.A., Bezruchenko N.V., Kolegova A.A., Mazunina A.A., Guselnikov M.A. 26-29
Analysis of cause-effect relations of the levels of biological markers of exposure to heavy metals with their personalized loading dose in the areas of wastes’ influence induced by the operation of the metallurgical plant in the past PDF
Kleyn Svetlana V., Vekovshinina S.A., Balashov S.Yu., Kamaltdinov M.R., Atiskova N.G., Nedoshitova A.V., Khankhareev S.S., Madeeva E.V. 29-35
Space-time analysis of risk to public health under the exposure to urban noise (on the example of Perm) PDF
May I.V., Koshurnikov Dmitry N., Galkina O.A. 35-39
On the evaluation of living conditions and health status of residents in precast framed houses of the micro-disrtict Usolsky-2 (the city of Berezniki, the Perm region) PDF
Nikiforova Nadezhda V., May I.V., Evdoshenko V.S., Luzhetsky K.P., Otavina E.A. 40-44
Features of immunoregulatory markers and genetic polymorphism of children under the impact of nitrates PDF
Starkova K.G., Dolgikh Oleg V., Krivtsov A.V., Bubnova O.A., Otavina E.A., Bezruchenko N.V., Kolegova A.A., Mazunina A.A., Guselnikov M.A. 44-47
Comparative evaluation of the functional state of cardiovascular system in adolescents living in conditions of various ambient air pollution PDF
Mylnikova Inna V. 47-52
Formation of modern methodology of the regulation of protection population from radiation with radon PDF
Kiselev Sergey M. 52-56
Biomarkers of work-related endothelial dysfunction in employees of ore-dressing production occupied in conditions of long-term noise exposure PDF
Zemlyanova Marina A., Zaitseva N.V., Kirianov D.A., Shlyapnikov D.M., Lebedeva T.M. 56-62
Features of hypertension in workers of titanium and magnesium production and preventive measures PDF
Nosov Aleksandr E., Baydina A.S., Ivashova Yu.A., Vlasova E.M., Alekseev V.B. 62-65
Planning and evaluation of the effect of measures for prevention hypertension in employee, when performing underground mining criteria for health risk PDF
Shlyapnikov Dmitriy M., Shur P.Z., Alekseev V.B., Vlasova E.M., Nosov A.E., Lebedeva T.M. 65-70


The disorders of physical development of children residing in the conditions of low-level contamination of the atmospheric air and drinking water by metals (lead, manganese, nickel, chrome, cadmium) on the example of the Perm region PDF
Luzhetskiy Konstantin P., Ustinova O.Yu., Vandysheva A.Yu., Vekovshinina S.A. 70-75
Age structure and dynamics of the morbidity rate of respiratory and autonomous nervous system diseases in children living in conditions of the aerogenous impact of chemical factors of technogenic origin (cohort study) PDF
Maklakova Olga A., Ustinova O.Yu., Alekseeva A.V. 75-78
Structure and evaluation of the effectiveness of measures of the system of preservation of students’ health PDF
Proskuryakova Larisa A., Lobykina E.N. 79-84


Modern analytical techniques in the determination of highly n-nitrosamines in biological fluids (blood) PDF
Nurislamova Tatyana V., Ulanova T.S., Popova N.A., Maltseva O.A. 84-89
Methodological support and application of the determination of acrolein in atmospheric air at the level of the reference concentration PDF
Ulanova Tatyana S., Karnazhitskaya T.D., Zavernenkova E.O. 90-94

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