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Comparative evaluation of the functional state of cardiovascular system in adolescents living in conditions of various ambient air pollution


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In the article there are presented results of a study of the functional state of the cardiovascular system in 614 adolescents living in the various conditions of ambient air pollution in the territory of the Irkutsk region. The risk for non-carcinogenic effects for adolescents from the 1 district was established to be high, for adolescents residing in (2 and 3 districts - acceptable), for adolescents from the 4 district - minimal. Accordingly to results of the evaluation of the dynamics of the danger index in the 1 and 2 districts in 2003-2014 there was noted the absence of significant trend towards to the increase in ambient air pollution.It is noted that in adolescents industrial centers (1 and 2 districts) during the functional test there were established signs of the pronounced functional exertion of the cardiovascular system: severe tachycardia; a significant increase in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure; delay from the age norm pumping function of the heart. In adolescents from the “relatively clean” village (4 district) responses of the cardiovascular system to load testify to sufficient adaptive and accommodational capabilities.

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