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The disorders of physical development of children residing in the conditions of low-level contamination of the atmospheric air and drinking water by metals (lead, manganese, nickel, chrome, cadmium) on the example of the Perm region


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There was executed a clinical laboratory study of 183 children residing in the conditions of constant low-level impact of a complex of such consumed from atmospheric air and drinking water metals as lead, manganese, nickel, chrome, cadmium) and 46 children residing in the conditions of sanitary-hygienically wellbeing of the habitat. The evaluation of Total Hazard Indices (THI) for conditions of chemical substances entering with atmospheric air and drinking water have revealed the excess of accepted values (THI>1) regarding to disorders of the central nervous system in children (THI amounted for up to 4.93) and disorders ofendocrine system (up to THI of 1.13). The results of chemical-analytical researches showed the blood content of lead, manganese, nickel, chrome, cadmium in children living in conditions of low-dose complex load to exceed the reference level by 1.3-2.2 times. In persistent multi-medium polymetallic load the number of children having physical development disorders was found to increase up to 1.2-1.6 times (body weight deficiency - up to 16.5%). There is determined a verified direct probabilistic relationship of cause and effect ofphysical development disorders in children with high blood content of manganese, nickel, and chrome. Exceeding content of lead, manganese, nickel, and chrome (1.3-9.4 times higher than the reference level and the comparative group) in bio-media of children makes a negative impact on the central and autonomous nervous system, creates disorders in protein-synthetic processes in liver, form early shifts of hypothalamo-hypophyseal regulation with further deterioration of physical development indices.

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