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Methodological support and application of the determination of acrolein in atmospheric air at the level of the reference concentration


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The article represents results of experimental studies on the justification of methodical approaches for the determination of microconcentrations of acrolein in the ambient air by the method of high performance liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detection in combination with derivatization under incubation at the sampling stage at 95 ± 3° C, which allows most completely trap the detected compoundfrom the ambient air and to store in the form of a stable derivative prior to analysis. The interaction of acrolein with meta-aminophenol in optimal conditions for the selection provides to 85% yield of the product (7-hydroxyquinoline). The range ofmeasured concentrations ofacrolein in ambient air by the developed technique is 0.000015-0.05 mg/m. In the course of the testing of methods for the determination of acrolein in the ambient air in areas with various technogenic load its content at the level of 0.000015-0.000020 mg/m was established in environmentally safe areas and in the concentration range of 0.00002-0.00053 mg/m in the zone of motorways’ impact. Background acrolein content in the ambient air was determined in 30-40% of the samples at the level of 0.000015-0.000020 mg/m. The average excess of the reference concentration near major highways ranged by from 3 to 16 times. Maximum concentrations of acrolein determined in the ambient air near the road is by 26.5 times higher than the reference concentration for chronic inhalation impact of acrolein. This allows to conclude the likely acrolein impact on the health of the exposed population. The application of currently used photometric and chromatographic methods for the determination of acrolein in the air in the system of social and hygienic monitoring was shown to fail to allow to obtain data on the actual load of the pollutant in the ambient air. There was revealed the significant dependence of the acrolein concentration increase in the air on the increase of the intensity of the traffic load on the road (R = 0.7367; p <0.05; F = 27).

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