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The purpose of the research is to establish the basic social and hygienic mechanisms of the formation of population health in the Primorsky Krai. The study analyzed the main ecodependent diseases: respiratory diseases, urogenital system, skin in the population residing in model points in the coastal and continental bioclimatic zones of the Primorye Territory with a variety of social and environmental performance. According to the suggested hypothesis of social-hygienic study the prevalence rate of ecodependent pathology in the population of the Primorye Territory is influenced by a complex of unfavorable factors of ecological, climatic and socio-hygienic risk, including the underlying factors or their groups not detected by conventional methods, but capable of to have a significant impact. The results showed regional features of the influence of environmental factors, lifestyle on the health of the major demographic groups living in different bio-climatic, social and environmental conditions of urban and rural areas of the region. The backbone force for all groups is a way of life. For urban residents of the coastal zone there is a significant ecological and social impact of environmental factors, while for rural residents - social and hygienic. Under the complex influence of socio-hygienic and climatic factors on the prevalence rate of ecodependent pathology the level of disease was found to be largely dependent on the specific way of life in the ecological and bio-climatic conditions of the region. Among the not detectable factors of socio-hygienic monitoring, a special place was revealed to be occupied by the socio-psychological peculiarities of the production environment and everyday life, which depend on the social (social and educational prospects, social and material satisfaction, job availability and the possibility of further training, environmental comfort, recreation), and individual features (educational level, the possibility of professional, family and individual psycho-emotional characteristics), which confirms the hypothesis of socially-hygienic research. On the basis of survey data with the using the method of multivariate analysis - correlation Pleiades by Terentyev, it was created “Sociometric model conditionality of the formation of population health in the Primorsky Territory.”

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