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Additionally to the assessment of the external environment for the evaluation of the hygienic welfare of the population it is ultimately important to assess the health status, the index of which should be monitored as early as possible. Prenosological changes are the most early and common, they reflect the cumulative impact of adverse effects of the external environment of very different nature and their evaluation on human health is the most important. For a more accurate and standardized assessment of such effects we have developed a number of computer systems, allowing to estimate both physical and mental health and performance, and also biological age of a person. Our programs involve individual records of customer data, both physical and mental activity in everyday life, the degree of stress tolerance, the presence of occupational hazards, exercise, food tastes etc. Design of programs includes standardized windows: data entry, tabular and graphical output of results in comparison with age-related standards, output of the text and conclusion the database with the ability to view them and compare the results of several visits. Database programs have similar form and can be presented in a ExCel format for the statistical treatment. Overall, we have developed a computer system for the assessment of physical and mental health, working capability and biological age, that is a powerful tool for the accurate and standardized evaluation of the external adverse environmental influences on the health and general well-being, provides ways to an early preclinical diagnosis and environmental well-being and can be widely used in sanitary and hygienic monitoring of the health status of the population.

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