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Hygiene and the spectral energtic light pattern


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There are considered methodological bases of multicriteria synthesis of a spectral energetic pattern for the evaluation of the excessive share of blue and red light in the spectrum of artificial energy sources. The basis of this methodology is relied upon on the hygienic approach to the spectrum analysis of solar and led light. Relying upon on "photobiological paradox of vision" according to M. A. Ostrovsky, conditions of "melanopsin cross" and mechanisms of adverse impact of light on vision, all the spectral-energy characteristics of solar light were divided into subspaces. The border between them became a spectral energy pattern for the evaluation of artificial sources on the security of their impact on eye and human health according to criteria of the excessive dose of blue or red light. On two examples there was shown the effectiveness and clarity of this estimation with the using of the spectral energetic pattern of light.

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