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In the article there is considered the problem of the impact of factors of the long voyage on the body of sailors-operators of logical and sensory profile of the activity. The aim of the study is to estimate indices both of body functions and performance of marine specialists operators of video display terminals during the long voyage. The experimental group included 27 crew members from the command, the Navigator group, group of locations and communications, professionals exploiting videodisplay terminals. Functions of operators bodies during the period 65-day voyage were studied with the use of the techniques of the assessment of indices of the subjective status, cardiorespiratory, central nervous system and physical performance. There were established adverse changes in the functional state of the organism, pronounced by the decline in levels of conditioned-reflex activity, the exertion of the cardiorespiratory system at rest and in the deterioration of physical performance from the second month of sailing and persisting until the end of the voyage, despite the optimal level of factors of the habitability at the ship. The leading adverse factors included the decrease of the motor activity by 2.5 - 3 times if compared to pre-trip levels and the intense operator activity. This necessitated the development of manners and means of the preservation of the occupational health of seafarers-operators in long voyages, as well as the improvement of the hygienic regulations of the conditions of their professional activity in the courts.

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