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Introduction. The presence of burnout syndrome in health workers has an impact on the effectiveness of their professional activities. Objective. Identification of actors of burnout in physicians of polyclinic institutions. Materials and methods. The study involved 62 general practitioners from the polyclinic institutions of the city of Arkhangelsk. There were used such methods as “The questionnaire for burnout detection” (K. Maslach); questionnaire “ Attitude to work and professional “burnout” by V.A. Vinokur; test “11 personality factors”; technique “Coping behavior in stressful situations” by T.L. Kryukova; profile A. Meyer for the study of organizational conditions, job satisfaction and professional development; questionnaire on socio-demographic characteristics. Results. 72.5% of physicians were established to be characterized by a high level of professional burnout. The most significant contribution to the development of burnout is made by components such as low self-esteem of both overall health and adaptation, emotional exhaustion and professional perfectionism. Socio-demographic factors of burnout in physicians include: age (35 years), the lack of children, work experience in the specialty (average - 10 years), the number of received patients per day (up to 10 and more than 41 patient), the lack of additional work in the hospital; personal factors: the low level of the sensitiveness, moral flexibility, the use of emotionally-focused coping and search for social support; organizational factors: dissatisfaction with the content of professional activity, the presence of frustration at work, dissatisfaction with wages, lack of possibility of training and further professional development, as well as tiring working conditions. Conclusion. For 2/3 of physicians of polyclinic institutions show the high levels of burnout manifested by low self-esteem of both overall health and adaptation, emotional exhaustion and professional perfectionism. The appearance of burnout syndrome among physicians is influenced by socio-demographic, personal and organizational factors.

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