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The prevention of different diseases among students must be based on the need for the individualization of all health saving technologies with taking into account the type of constitution, dynamics of its development, interrelation with the physical activity and the functional state. Purpose of the work is to give the characteristic of somatotypes of the constitution of the students-youths of the Irkutsk region with taking into account special features of their functional state. There were examined 1014 students-youths aged of 17-20 years, referred due to the health status for the occupations by physical culture to the I -1 (basic) functional group and 275 students referred to IV group (group Curable Physical Culture). For somatotyping and constitutional diagnostics there was used the procedure by R.N. Dorokhov, V.G. Petrukhina (1989). There were established significant differences in the types of constitution in the youths of the I and IV functional groups. This is manifested by the fact that microsomic (MiS) type youths are recorded in the IV functional group by 2 times less frequent than in the I group, but by 1.4 time more frequent than macrosomic (MaS) students. There was revealed the large number of youths referred to transitional somatotypes who have the retarded variant of the development. The component content of the body of youths in both functional groups according to the bone mass is somewhat lower than standard, fat is above standard in both groups, muscular mass is in limits of standard range in the I functional group and is descended in the IV group. In a somatotypologic set of both functional groups from MiS to MegS to type there is noted a reduction of the absolute and relative content of muscular mass and the gain of fat. The insufficient content of muscular mass in students of IV functional group is related with their low physical activity, that is confirmed by reliably poor development of the muscular force of right and left wrist of hands.

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