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In recent years there is the lack of investigations concerning the impact of climate on the state of children’s health. At the same time risks associated with the influence of genetic and biological factors in dependence on the age seem to be relevant. To assess the state of health of children and adolescents in dependence on the area of the residence as well as biological factors that form and determine the health throughout ontogenesis. There is presented the one stage study of 626 children and adolescents (aged of from 4 to 17 years) residing in three different bioclimatic zones of the Primorsky Krai. There was executed both the comprehensive assessment of health in the each age group in dependence on the area of residence, and the factor analysis to determine the degree of the influence of factors on the health of children and adolescents in different bioclimatic zones. The main aims of the factor analysis are the decline of the number of variables (data reduction) and determination of the structure of interrelationships between variables. As a result, the method allowed to isolate from the large mass (73 factors) of the initial indices those factors that characterized features of the health of children and adolescents in certain climatic conditions in the process of growth and development over ontogenesis. After the iteration of the eigenvalues there were revealed factorial loads with coefficient > 0.5. The level of health in preschool children was revealed to be determined by pre- and postnatal factors, while in schoolchildren the role of the level of physical development and parameters of the functioning of most important organs and systems under the regulatory influence of neuro- endocrine system is increased. At the same time, the indices of these factors are statistically significantly differ in various bioclimatic zones of the Primorsky Krai.

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