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Nutrition is the one of the most important factors of the formation of a state of health of the person that requires the solution of two main objectives: determination of main population tendencies in the dietary patterns (DP) and the study of the influence of consumption of certain feedstuffs, products and groups of products on a state of health of the person. Within multicenter epidemiological research of the ESSE-RF the analysis of DP of the population of the Kemerovo region (1628 people aged of 25-64 years) and their association with indices of cardiovascular health is carried out. For grouping (determination of DP) frequencies of consumption of 13 groups of foodstuff the factorial analysis were used (a method of main components). The characteristic of commitment to the allocated DP in various age, gender and social-economic groups of the population, and also association of commitment to DP with factors of cardiovascular risk and some cardiovascular diseases is given. There were selected four DP types explaining of 44.8% of the structure of the frequency of consumption of foodstuff. In three out of four DPs there were revealed associations with the age and gender structure and education level of the population. According to two DPs multiple associations with indices of the cardiovascular health were noted: systolic and diastolic blood pressure, the waist circumference, the level of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, presence of arterial hypertension, obesity, hypertriglyceridemia. The obtained associations allow to characterize “dairy” DP (high frequency of consumption of milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese) as favorable, and “meat” DP (high frequency of consumption of meat, fish and seafood, birds) as adverse in respect of cardiovascular health that correspond to results of other investigations. The performed analysis has allowed characterize food preferences of the population of the Siberian region as in general on population, and on age, gender and social-economic groups. The obtained associations of two out of four DP with indices of cardiovascular health correspond to results of other Russian and foreign investigations.

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