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Introduction. Eastern Siberia is a huge industrial area, which employs about half of the total population living on the territory. The main harmful factors in the production of vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride are vinyl chloride and dichloroethane, in the production of caustic - mercury, in the production of epichlorohydrin - epichlorohydrin and allyl chloride; in the aircraft building industry and the production of heat power engineering - vibration and noise. The aim of the work is to give a comparative evaluation of the indices of the immune response in healthy workers exposed to various chemical and physical factors. Material and methods. Immunological examination of 198 healthy workers, exposed mainly to vapors of metallic mercury, vinyl chloride, epichlorohydrin, local vibration, and noise, was carried out. Results. The peculiarities of IgA production in healthy workers in contact with epichlorohydrin, pairs of metallic mercury and noise are revealed. In persons working only with chemical factors, there was a decrease in IgG concentration in comparison with groups of workers in contact with physical factors. In all the examined groups, unidirectional changes were observed, characterized by a decrease in the IgM content. An increase in the levels of AT to DNA in workers exposed to the metal mercury vapor, vinyl chloride, noise and a decrease in workers exposed to local vibration has been established. In addition, there was a significant increase in the levels of AT to native DNA in individuals in contact with noise and a decrease in individuals in contact with epichlorohydrin and vibration. Attention is drawn to the significant elevation in the level of AT to the S-100 protein in healthy workers under the influence of noise relative to the group of workers with vinyl chloride. Discussion. The obtained results prove early changes in the influence of various production factors to indicate changes in the immune system of healthy workers. Conclusion. Data obtained testify to the adaptative-accommodational responses of the immune system to the impact of industrial hazards and depend on the specificity of the influencing factor. The most pronounced changes in immunoreactivity were found in working in the production of caustic and at the thermal power plant.

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