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This work is devoted to the problems of hygiene and epidemiology of the Helicobacter pylori infection. In recent years among the causative agents of infectious diseases, Helicobacter pylori (lat. Helicobacter pylori, HP.) takes a special place. Analysis of domestic and foreign literature had shown that at this time there is a high prevalence of Helicobacter infection (HI). It has been diagnosed in almost half of the world’s population. Published data of the Russian researchers point out its high occurrence among the population of Russia (56-88%). Analysis of the annual report of the Federal Service for Supervision in Protection of the Rights of Consumer and Man Wellbeing of the Russian Federation for 2017 showed an effective system of epidemiological and social and hygienic control of HI to have not been developed yet. Considering multiple mechanisms, ways and factors of transmission of the causative agent of HI, directions of scientific researches on the prevention of its distribution are planned. The solution of the hygienic and epidemiological problems of preventing helicobacteriosis can be carried out only by the consolidated participation of specialists of all directions of hygiene and laboratory science, as well as epidemiologists, microbiologists, and public health specialists. Clinical observations and laboratory results suggest a significant role of HP in human pathology: it is an etiological factor of more than half of all gastritis; it is found in more than 95% of patients suffering from duodenal ulcer, in 70-80% of persons with gastric ulcer, and in 60-70% of cases with gastric cancer. Accumulated over last 3 decades data indicates that up to 60-90% of all cases of stomach cancer may be associated with this infection. Against the background of such high numbers of the detection of this pathogen, questions arise why measures of hygienic prevention of Helicobacter pylori have not yet been developed, and scientific institutions of the epidemiological and hygienic profile are not sufficiently puzzled by their development.

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