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Introduction. Vibration in conjunction with an unfavorable microclimate and physical stress, acting on mining workers, can lead to the development of pathology of the musculoskeletal system with the violation of bone metabolism and the formation of the osteopenic syndrome. The results of epidemiological studies indicate a high prevalence of osteoporosis among persons of working age. The purpose of the study was to study the effect of the general and local vibration on the state of bone remodeling processes in workers of vibration-hazardous occupations. Material and methods. Two groups of patients with vibration disease were examined. The first group consisted of 53 cases working in the contact with local vibration. The second group included 52 workers exposed to combined effects of the general and local vibration. The condition of the osteoarticular apparatus was determined by means of by X-ray examination and ultrasonic osteodensitometry. Laboratory studies included the evaluation of indices of mineral metabolism and bone tissue metabolism. Results. Osteochondrosis of the spine was revealed in 54.7% and 69.2%, osteopenia of the spine - 17.0% and 21.2%, arthrosis of the joints of the hands - 64.2% and 57.7% in the patients of the first and second groups, respectively. The prevalence rate of bone-dystrophic changes depends on the stage of the vibration disease and increases as the disease progresses. There were established interrelations of clinical functional and clinical laboratory indices with the trainee exposure of industrial vibration in terms of bone mineral density (T and Z criteria) (r = 0.56), biochemical markers of bone formation (r = -0.62-0.70) and bone resorption (r = 0.72-0.85). Biochemical markers of the osteopenic syndrome in the vibration disease are bone formation (osteocalcin, alkaline phosphatase) and bone resorption (ionized calcium, calcium/creatinine). Discussion. The obtained results served as a basis for developing a system of preventive measures of bone-dystrophic disorders in persons with vibration dangerous occupations.

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