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Introduction. In the healthcare system of the Russian Federation, in the changed social and economic conditions, against the background of increasing requirements to the quality of medical care, the problem of studying factors affecting the professional activity of medical personnel is being updated. The purpose of the study is the theoretical justification of ways to improve the work process of medical personnel by organizing the stream passage of patients in the polyclinic of the Belgorod Cancer Clinic. Material and methods. Questioning of 189 patients of the polyclinic of the “Belgorod Cancer Clinic”, selected according to the principle of random sampling. They evaluated the work of the dispensary in the field of stream control on a specially created questionnaire, which included 14 questions. Results. The conducted sociological research revealed the dissatisfaction of patients with a number of positions: the presence of a queue to the doctor (61.2%), the work of individual offices (ultrasound, x-ray room) and medical specialists of the consulting and diagnostic department (44.6%); lack of information in patients about the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment in clinics (47%). The primary visit in the morning, the narrow corridors of the polyclinic - all this creates the inconvenience of waiting for a doctor. Only 13% of respondents rated the service as 5 points, 30% - 4 points, 33% - 3 points, 19% - 2 points and 5% - 1 point. The admission rate of the doctor is 20 patients per shift, but the average value of the stream rate of patients on admission corresponds to an average of 35 patients per day. This increase in the workload negatively affects the dissatisfaction with the organization of the treatment and diagnostic process both for doctors and nurses. Conclusions. The professional activity of primary health care providers directly depends on the adequacy of the workload. The use of social monitoring makes it possible to organize a detailed and adequate regulation of the activities of medical personnel.

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