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The article reflects methodological approaches to the construction of a priori models for assessing the occupational risk of medical workers in physiotherapeutic departments of sanatoriums under the influence of a complex of negative factors of the production environment. The authors carried out a comprehensive hygienic assessment of the occupational risk of medical personnel with the combined use of physiotherapeutic procedures in one of the sanatoria and resort institutions of the Altai Territory. The main objectives of the study were to measure physical, radiation and chemical factors in the work environment at workplaces of medical personnel and to calculate the degree of the occupational risk of workers in accordance with a priori risk assessment models. Based on the results of measurements of physical factors at workplaces of medical workers of physiotherapeutic departments, it is possible to conclude that complex harmful effects include inadequate levels of the air temperature in the work area, artificial illumination, air ionic composition of air and electromagnetic fields. The calculated risk was 0.0975, which corresponds to a moderate risk. The obtained results testify to the existence of a risk, the level of which cannot be neglected, despite the compliance of the level of impact with normative documents. The results of studies of the radiation factor at workplaces in the radon therapy department indicate the equivalent equilibrium radon volume activity to range from 25-109 Bq/m³,and the ambient dose equivalent of gamma radiation in the range of 0.15-0.18 μSv/h, which corresponds to hygienic standards. Therefore, the use of risk-oriented models seems reasonable even in working conditions that are not harmful or dangerous according to the criteria for a special assessment of working conditions. The leading role of electromagnetic radiation for this category of workers is proved in the course of calculations using risk-oriented models of professional risk assessment. It is proposed to develop measures to reduce the electromagnetic load, taking into account the medium and short-term outlook, with an annual review of the degree of occupational risk.

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