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Introduction. Currently, in force hygienic normative-methodical documents (SanPiN 2.2.2/2.4.1340-03, SanPiN 2.2.2/2.4.2620-10, SanPiN do not allow to objectively estimating EMF on modern workplaces of personal computers (PCs) users by and other means of information and communication technologies (ICT). Aim of the study is scientific substantiation of improvement of normative-methodical documentation on hygienic regulation and evaluation of EMF in computerized workplaces using modern ICT. Material and methods. The analytical method of evaluation of modern normative-methodical documentation regulating hygienic norms and methods of evaluation of EMF in the workplace of PC users is used. More than 11 thousand measurements of EMF levels were carried out. Results. A critical analysis of the current hygienic regulations of EMF in the workplace of PC users and other means of ICT in Russia showed they to be not scientifically justified, and the existing methodology does not allow an adequate hygienic assessing of the electromagnetic environment (EME). The main sources forming EME on modern workplaces of PC users are both PCs, and switching power supplies, network support devices (UPS), cable lines, wiring, broadband wireless access systems (base stations, Wi-Fi routers, access points, external and built-in laptops USB modems), cell phones, lamps of local and general lighting. EMFs on a workplace of PC users are characterized by complex amplitude-frequency composition: electric and magnetic fields at frequencies of 30 Hz - 300 kHz, EMF at frequencies above 300 MHz, electrostatic fields, hypogeomagnetic fields. New EMF hygienic standards at workplaces of PC users and other means of ICT are scientifically proved. Conclusion. The introduction of new regulations will ensure an adequate hygienic assessment of EMF in the workplaces of PC users in each normalized frequency band in total from all sources and will eliminate the current contradictions and shortcomings. The introduction of new EMF hygienic standards in the practice of sanitary and epidemiological supervision will preserve the health of the PC users and other ICT facilities.

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